as the palaces burn

I suppose now is the time to mention the music written about on this blog is going to be a wild collection of genres, I find it hard to pick a favourite. There’s just so much good music out there! And right now I am very excited about the upcoming release of the remixed and remastered version of “As the Palaces Burn” from the metal band Lamb of God.  The album was first released in 2003 and ten years later it’s being updated to a cleaner, heavier sound.  Not only that, but it comes with a documentary! The movie took a different route after frontman Randy Blythe was arrested in Prague in 2012 and apparently will focus on the impact that had on the band and Randy himself. Regardless, Lamb of God are still embarking on their North American tour and I have the privilege of catching them at the Boston House of Blues later in November. The trailer for the documentary features short interviews with fans from around the world showing the impact Lamb of God has had on metalheads worldwide, dare I say it even made me a little emotional. *horns up*


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