the boiler room phenomenon.

I’ve been thinking a lot of about The Boiler Room recently and the impact it’s had on the global music scene.  Big name DJ’s play a new set and it is instantly available on the internet for anyone with a LAN connection to view.  Small name DJ’s play in the same space as more famous ones and their names are instantly recognizable.  Fans no longer listen to albums or buy singles off of iTunes, they listen to sets and mixes that DJ’s have worked on – incorporating their own music with the music of others and streaming these mixes through websites instead of packaging them up and selling them allows this melding of genres and music without the copyright laws inhibiting their artistic and creative freedom.  Creative spaces like The Boiler Room and BBC Radio 1’s Essential Mixes give fans a taste of what a live show might be like, and genuinely do point to the DJ’s talents in a more streamlined and fun environment.  These shows started small, as secrets with webcams taped to the walls of the warehouses the DJ’s would perform.  Now the sets are recorded in London, Berlin, Los Angeles and Boiler Room sets get thousands of views on youtube. Underground music truly is seeing the light of day.

One of my favourite Boiler Room videos is this masterpiece from veteran DJ Goldie:


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